Also, enjoy extra comfort and convenience thanks to additional features such as variable backstop, flexible seat edge, lower back firmness mechanism, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat depth, and more. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. Although DX Racer is mostly associated with introducing top quality gaming chairs, this chair is proof that they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to comfortable office chairs as well. We have been testing chairs for close to 4 years now, collectively sitting thousands of hours on these products and rating their comfort, durability, and adjustability. Our judges unanimously agreed that this is one of the most comfortable when it comes to the backrest, and our tallest judge was again the only person to question the comfort of the seat and armrest. Chairs have evolved tremendously over time, and so has the Ergohuman. While neither of these broke in our tests, we did feel that these chairs might wear out significantly faster than the top models. At the root of this problem is the quality of an individual’s office chair. Are you a writer, for instance? The SPACE 5700E received relatively lackluster marks in most areas and not a single judge wanted to sit in it for more than 5-6 hours. Only 9 left in stock. Most desk chairs go up to a seat height of around 520-560mm, depending on the gas stem mechanism used. The ErgoChair makes good posture both healthy and comfortable, meaning you don’t have to fear blood clots or sore limbs any longer. The fact that it’s a mesh chair also gives it great breathability.

The lack of arm height adjustment may not be for tall people. At the same time, it makes the chair look edgy and modern too. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. And there’s more to love. And though it has lumbar support, it is not adjustable. Browse through our wide selection of brands, like Latitude Run® and Mercer41. You also have the option to remove the ergo layered body back pillows, should you find yourself sinking into the plushness of this chair. The Serta computer chair is upholstered in durable but soft microfiber, which is resistant to strain, easy to clean, and doesn’t absorb much dust. These chairs both have adjustable lumbar support, but we found the DXRacer Racing Series to be more comfortable and provide more back support than the Steelcase Leap — on par with the Herman Miller Embody or Herman Miller Sayl.

Lastly, I do want to mention the Herman Miller Embody chair (review) which is even more expensive than the Steelcase Leap. Steelcase Leap v2 Office Chair- is it worth your moolah? The basic unit doesn’t come with it, so you have to pay extra should you want an armrest. The best chair for you will tie in suitability for whatever physical issues you have to manage with how you work.”. The Alera Elusion Series's armrests can move in and out, but the entire range of motion is only about an inch which we didn't find to be all that helpful. The Duramont is fairly cheap but also didn't score very well. Additional Office Chair Resources.

The majority of our judges said they could easily sit in it for 8-10 hours. But the comfort levels start to go downhill at this point. We love how the Autonomous Myo had double packaging and hard cardboard corners. Most of these best computer chairs for long hours incorporate amenities such as blood flow increase, neck and back support, synchronization of the spine, personal care, and more so you can enjoy a comfortable work environment. The SPACE 5700E only has the slightest amount of adjustable lumbar support and only has rudimentary armrest adjustability. Its award-winning design takes cues from how the Golden Gate Bridge was designed; no wonder it’s so strong. But you’ll be surprised at how comfortable it is. You just might be surprised that the armrests in itself are an upgrade. The innovative design has also helped with cutting down on weight and cost. Its foam-filled seat pan, which also incorporates a waterfall design, is built to encourage different sitting postures. But you can still enjoy an adjustable seat height and you can tilt the chair back and forward. Ikea Markus can still be comfortable even if the cushion is not that aesthetically pleasing anymore. These are connected to the backseat, so whenever the backseat adjusts itself, the armrests follow. How can we improve GearLab? The default position of the armrests also feels a bit on the wide side. Let us know! When he’s not spell checking his articles with Grammarly, he’s playing video games, watching too much Netflix, and deciding if he likes his current chair or not. Looking to make the leap over to Chrome OS? So the features are basic, hence the name of the chair. 349410, Item Past the $600 mark, we have chairs like the Steelcase Amia. None of the judges particularly disliked any of these chairs. It’s no surprise to those that work in an office how important a high-quality office chair is. Check Latest Price on Amazon. The comfortable chair is also designed to control rearward rotation, thereby relieving pressure on your feet and improving pelvic stability. In addition to Austin's input, we also had a panel of professionals, who all spend more than eight hours a day sitting at their desks, try out each chair for lengthy periods, updating the review as their opinions changed based on real-world testing over the past few years. All in all, it’s a great option if you are just starting out. The mesh also comes in handy during hot weather by improving air circulation, thereby preventing a build-up of sweat. The 28-inch seat is wide and roomy. If you would like to enjoy the convenience of being able to sit comfortably for long hours on a tight budget then this is the chair for you. A pair of judges detested the chair and were only able to sit in it for an hour or two, while the rest of the panel rated it quite highly — though still lower than the top chairs overall. This seat literally takes the pressure off you and takes your comfort level to greater heights.

Though it can be comfortable for your back, you have to fit exactly into the chair to be able to find it comfortable. In terms of adjustable features, you might find the IKEA Markus lacking compared to other mid-range ergonomic office chairs. It’s not attached to the backseat, instead, it’s on the front seat.