>> ] [she either really likes or dislikes them] Don’t make such a big thing of it! B Political and social disagreement noun meaning There is dissent in the party on the issue. 6 However hard he tries, his teacher always seems to run him down. 1 ‘I’m sorry I broke your vase, Gina,’ Matt said. 8 It is up to the of the school how the budget is spent. [what you have said has confused me] D Happiness and sadness expression meaning to be on top of the world / on cloud nine / over the moon to be in (your) element / to be made for to be extremely happy to be ideally suited for to be fed up to the back teeth to be extremely unhappy, disappointed to be down in the dumps / down in the mouth to be depressed 194 English Vocabulary in Use Advanced, Exercises 94.1 Rewrite the underlined words using an idiom based on the word in brackets. /Subtype /Form The batteries have run . It means in spite of something. [encouraging] The weather was terrible but the climbers pressed on regardless. Flatter can also be used more positively. /Parent 1 0 R [making a proper final written text based on previous drafts] She bought the manuscript of a famous poem at the sale. I took it as a back-handed compliment when he said I was looking good for my age. If we say that someone lights up our life, we are using a metaphor. A: Yeah. /I1 51 0 R You’ve been sitting there all day but you haven’t done a scrap of work. Both sets of invaders had an enormous impact on8 English vocabulary, explaining why English may sometimes seem to have several words for the same basic concept9. 4 I wanted to learn more about how the business was organised. 78.2 Match these newspaper headlines with the most suitable extract below. 3 Try to keep cool even if he argues with you. /Rect [ 17.01000 21.01000 191.50000 13.01000 ] Put an appropriate adjective or noun in the gap. Ricardo Alex Sabina It’s a mystery to me Sorry, I’m not with That shop is how those papers you. (quick and energetic; increase, make stronger) 2 The death tally / tale / toll in the earthquake has now risen to 20,000. 3 If someone asks you for ID, what do they want? B Permitting: phrasal expressions The committee have been given carte blanche to investigate the problem and come up with a solution. /Subtype /Link I never talk about other people. See also Unit 86. That’s fantastic!’ she shrieked. Can you work out what the verbs mean from the context? >> ] Here are some examples. << including/excluding There will only be space to touch upon* the big question of political responsibility. 5 There’s no point saying how good I am. >> /Border [ 0 0 0 ] mean What does ‘coagulate’ mean? 4 Matt’s design earned him d a standing ovation. /FullPage Do Underline the metaphor and say which concept it exemplifies and what it suggests. forming) A major split in the Labour Party resulted in several when a larger group breaks up into two or more ministers taking the decision to form a new party of smaller groups because they disagree about their own. 94.5 1 Jessica’s on cloud seven now she’s at university. /Type /Annot [was absolutely certain] I think she lives on Rose Street but I couldn’t swear to it. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] [lacking staff] (b) below It’s quite wet underfoot. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] [dark areas or shapes] They lived in the shadow of a chemical factory. [in response to news that makes current problems even worse] That’s the last thing I wanted to hear! >> The amount of money that you risk is your stake. /URI (www\056cambridge\056org) My English is more or less the same level as the other students in the class.