Maybe there is a small crack in your foundation, and they are drawn into your home by a smell. This is due to a variety of different reasons. If treating food storage areas, ensure food is sealed and removed first, and only replace it once the treatment has dried. So how do you make sure you keep the cockroaches under control while keeping your household safe? Any information or products discussed are not intended to remedy, exterminate, treat, or prevent any insect or rodent infestation. You’d be better off comparing reviews and ratings, that way you receive information from real people who tried what they’re talking about. Eco Defense Home Pest Control Spray, USDA Biobased (16 oz). This pure peppermint oil comes in a huge 4-ounce container that you can use as-is, or dilute 10-12 drops with water in a spray bottle which means you can make gallons of spray just from this one bottle. First up, we have essential oils. Last update on 2020-07-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Exclusion zones to keep kids and pets safe. This spray also kills all forms of household bugs including roaches. Learn More, MDXconcepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray. These are proven to do the trick. Cockroach killers can be poisonous if ingested, and some of their chemicals can accumulate and remain in our bodies for years. It takes time to achieve a cockroach-free environment and it’s common for people to give up just as they’re about to get the situation under control. The combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves should penetrate walls, furniture, and ceilings effectively – in turn, confusing and unsettling insects enough to keep them away. It’s a USDA certified biobased product, offering you a 60-day risk-free trial period with a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Basically, a roaches repeller is a substance that puts off the cockroaches from getting close to a certain area or a surface that has been treated with this material. However, if you’re faced with a full-blown serious existing infestation, repellents are very unlikely to offer help. This is probably the most efficient method if you know what kind to buy. So what’s the best cockroach repellent out there? The simplicity of this pest deterrent is part of what makes it our favorite overall. They generally produce waves at frequencies from 20 to 65 kHz. Applying one spray layer over another, in most cases, will lead them to cancel each other out, so you end up with less effective pest control or even none at all. In such a case, you can use them if you have a relatively large area to protect. affiliates. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. Cockroach repellents are also useful if you’ve already eliminated an infestation and you really don’t want to go through that pain all over again. The pouches contain cedar, cinnamon, lemongrass, rosemary, mint, and peppermint oil. If applied too lightly, natural repellents will lose their effect as fast as they appear. This potent oil has menthol which is the reason behind its minty and pungent odor, the very same scent responsible for its repellent activity. Ultrasonic repellers sent out waves of noise that only cockroaches can hear. There is no denying that lemon juice is a powerful agent that is able to cut through grease and stains, but what many people … This is why you should know how to work with your cockroach repellent; it can be the difference between never seeing those pests again and continuing having roommates you didn’t sign up for. For example, if your neighbor is actually the source of your troubles, a smart way to go about it is to drive the invaders away from your home. You cannot just spray all over the home and expect the roaches to stay away. You can consider essential oils as a natural roach repellent. CHOICE supports the First Nations people's Uluru Statement from the Heart. Best Roach Repellents. Cucumbers can also be placed around the home (slices or peels) as a repellent against roaches. Mixtures of organic materials, such as vinegar, and essential oils are mostly available as natural sprays. Our choice of essential oil goes to 100% pure and natural peppermint oil by Majestic Pure. Don't treat surfaces where food is handled, or that are washed regularly, with surface spray. The first step to a correct pick is sizing up your mess. I just mentioned two of the best ways used to get rid of cockroaches; essential oils and Ultrasonic waves. This is great because there is no spraying, or setting traps, or any of that. It helps control the spread of roaches as well as mosquitoes, spiders, flies, ants, and many more. But if you’re only applying the cockroach repellent indoors, it shouldn’t disrupt the daily flow of your life. Mix a little cocoa powder with the diatomaceous earth and sprinkle in areas frequented by roaches and other bugs you want to get rid of. If you’re hoping for fast and efficient results without resorting to poisonous toxins, the MDXconcepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray is your way to go. To find out the toxicity of a cockroach killer, pay attention to the signal heading at the top of the product label – it gives you a warning as to how poisonous the product is. Creating exclusion zones will also enhance the effectiveness of pesticide application. Last but definitely not least, I got one more product for those who are looking to skip all the spraying and get down to the repelling action. Baits and traps also provide long-term cockroach control, but can be more effective if used with a surface spray. Please consult a licensed exterminator before utilizing pesticides in or around your living conditions. Even if the spray is odorless, it can leave a scent if you build enough concentration. The active ingredient generally used in baits and traps is indoxacarb, which blocks sodium channels in an insect's nervous system, leading to dehydration and death. For me, the PestReject Ultrasonic Pest Repeller takes this one home. The other best cockroach repellent that gives good results in cockroach elimination is Get Out Cockroach Killer Gel. Within a few weeks, your home should be entirely roach free. They are an excellent prevention tool to stop occasional roach pop-ups. All you have to do is plug the device in. Unlike insecticides, natural repellents aren’t roach poison. Alicia Phillips from Auburn University discussed the topic in her thesis where she highlights the significant efficacy of cockroach repellents in prevention, especially in scenarios involving food and other items that shouldn’t be treated with chemicals. Thus, keeping your place free from the nasty pests. However, if you don’t know where is your problem coming from, spraying roach repellent all over your home isn’t a viable option. However, insects and pests can easily hear these sounds and they are extremely annoying to them, so they try to avoid being exposed to those sounds. You might be just one roach away from total elimination. The high-performing formula targets all species of cockroach to result in infestation elimination. These oils, however, will evaporate within a short period of time, so you’ll need to regularly reapply the stuff.