Advanced compacts were once mostly large and bulky and, while offering improved level of image quality upon standard compacts, weren’t particularly easy on the eye. Built-In Wifi: The S120 allows you to import high-resolution photos into your iPhone with ease. Colors are richer and details are sharper! Here are the things travelers say make the Canon Powershot S120 a worthy investment: 1. The 24-120mm focal length of the S110 remains unchanged, but with a brighter f/1.8-5.7 maximum aperture range. Canon’s S120 is maintains the popular features of its popular S-series predecessors, but promises to be faster and brighter. High-Resolution screen: The S120 has a 922,000 dot 3 inch LCD screen, almost double the S90’s. 2. The touch screen has improved resolution, and allows the user to utilize its touch AF control even during video. What is the Canon S120?