44 sentence examples: 1. The idea that there is some form of objective truth is highly seductive -just look at how science is captivated by it. Whether rafting, camping, hiking, cycling or even taking a hot air balloon ride, visitors are bound to be captivated by the natural wonder of the area. They had their faces painted, did the YMCA, ate ice cream sundaes and were captivated by the Magician's show. Daniel Craig: The James Bond actor captivated in a small blue pair of swim trunks on the beach, which accented his washboard abdominal muscles, his thick legs, and general attractiveness. 66. He may have captivated his hearers by teaching "wisdom," as P. W. 59. Shooting stars have long since captivated the minds of people from all over the world. © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. Those men were so captivated by the significance of the resurrection that they could not help but preach it. They look realistic and will have everyone who looks at you captivated by the shimmer in your eyes. Jennifer Aniston captivated with audiences as one of the stars of Friends with both her likeable character Rachel Green and her famous hairstyle. captivated the imagination of millions of children. captivation in a sentence There have also been efforts to study porpoise biology to help specialize conservation through captivation breeding. Prom and pageant attendees are captivated year after year by their limitless formal wear designs. captivatingly definition: Adverb (comparative more captivatingly, superlative most captivatingly) 1. enthrallingly in a sentence. 2. 82. People have been captivated by these continuing dramas for decades. audacity of the crime had captivated Britain, and a huge police operation was launched. Sentencedict.com is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentence examples for almost every word. 6, He comes across in large, energetic, engulfing, 12, That otherworldliness could make him a, 19, Some years ago, as a student of aromatherapy at my first workshop, I encountered the, 20, The resulting spicy, sweet crust that it imparts to the roast is quite, 21, Somewhere inside a piano was being played, not very well but with a, 22, It is the promise of improvement that makes golf, 23, He attempted to use other materials but found none offered the same, 24, Inclined eye neighboring dedicates a neck to prepare to get to kill on one's own initiative of Long Qi, the Feng feather starts to hang up lips Cape and laughs, 25, Our toddlers eagerly embrace the world around them as they experience, 26, Head to the sunbathing deck, roof garden pavilion, lagoon villa, cabana, or the Sky Terraces where you can unwind with, 27, Thirst for speed and danger makes the game more. Both gods and mortal men found her captivating. In real life, they are just huge behemoths which really make you wonder what captivated you in the first place. captivated by the story that I sat through the whole three hours, not once losing interest. His energy and love of words captivated us all, particularly when mixed in with magic tricks and naughty puppets, such as Hamilton! 2009 September 6, Caroline Alexander, “Two of a Kind”, in New York Times‎[1]: With great clarity, she steadily and, Captivatingly: 1 adv in a bewitching manner Synonyms: bewitchingly , enchantingly , enthrallingly. 2. In the accompanying video, the truly vibrant Susana took us round the gardens herself and we were captivated ! In 1845 he was entirely captivated by the Tubingen school, and in his work Das Evangelium Marcions and das kanonische Evangelium des Lukas, published in 1846, he appears as a disciple of F. In vain did he seek to dazzle the tsar by assembling about him the vassal kings and princes of Germany; in vain did he exercise all the intellectual gifts which had captivated the tsar at Tilsit; in vain did he conjure up visions of the future conquest of the Orient; external display, diplomatic finesse, varied by one or two outbursts of calculated violence - all was useless. A fortnight passed before he decided to support Sieyes in effecting a change in the constitution; and by then he had captivated all men except Bernadotte and a few intransigeant Jacobins. 160. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Here her great beauty captivated the king, whose love for her remained constant until her death. In fact, the more challenging the stunt, the more an audience will be captivated by your efforts. The ladies captivated millions of viewers each week as they tackled socially relevant topics from sexually transmitted diseases to the sisterhood of single life. She captivated him as she glided across the stage. captivated by the natural beauty and strangeness of these objects. They had their faces painted, did the YMCA, ate ice cream sundaes and were captivated by the Magician 's show. Aren't you captivated too? 72. She says he's captivated by her writing. Do you remember being completely captivated by the color? Isn't Thecla's behavior that of the young people captivated by modern charismatics? No matter what age or gender, anyone laying a hand on this game will be captivated. This music mega star who rose to the top of the game before turning 21, then crashed, burned and had a rebirth all in the glare of the spotlight has captivated the world - and her music has remained in high demand through it all. 65. Shortly afterwards he went to Germany, where he began to study Kant, and was much captivated by Lessing. She revived that faith; she consolidated her throne; she not only captivated the affections of the multitude, but won the respect of thoughtful men; and all this she achieved by methods which to her predecessors would have seemed impracticable - methods which it required no less shrewdness to discover than force of character and honesty of heart to adopt steadfastly. 4. The adventures of Jack O'Neill and his team captivated the imagination as they explored the universe and humanity via the Stargate. The character offers no captivatingly skewed bat-house psychology. All Rights Reserved. He may have captivated his hearers by teaching "wisdom," as P. W. She was curious about the softer side of him and captivated by his steady gaze. Anyone who happens by her music is immediately captivated, as evident in the viral effect it's had on Myspace. Hugh Jackman: Hugh Jackman made an appearance in a black trunk swimsuit and captivated females worldwide. He had captivated the accomplished Frederick III. Even teens who think a watch is uncool will be captivated by this plastic bracelet watch. We spent a week relaxing on the captivating island of Capri. In fact, Gemini is captivated by Libra's cool calm and debonair persona. Kids, teens and even adults were captivated by this new technology and soon almost every household on the block knew of the phenomenon.