Sample courses include Discrete Math for Teachers, Probability and Statistics for Teachers, and Analysis for Teachers. Sample courses include Applied Linear Algebra, Linear Programming and Optimization, and Real Variables. Notable CMU alumni include: popular League of Legends game streamer Tyler Steinkamp; actor/ comedian Bill Chott (Wizards of Waverly Place); and composer/conductors David Holsinger and Claude Smith. This degree is offered through the school’s online learning management system through the use of asynchronous and synchronous courses; live courses are always held in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate working professionals. All other coursework requirements are completed using the school’s online learning management system. Every course in Lesley's cheap online master's degree in math education is specifically designed to help teachers improve their conceptual understanding - and in doing so, bolster their job performance. grad tuition+fees), In-state: $9,062 (avg. The curriculum is divided into three categories: Core (15 credits); Mathematical Electives (12cr); Applied Research (9cr). Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Occupational Therapy Online, Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Public Policy Online, Top 10 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Education Online, Top 10 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Nonprofit Management Online, Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Music Education Online, Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Military History Online, Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Media Communications Online for 2019, Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Computer Forensics Online, Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Ministry Online. The CI program is designed for experienced elementary educators. Do I Need a Master’s in Education to Become a Reading Specialist? grad tuition+fees), In-state: $8,571 (avg. Career opportunities for graduates of the MAT include teaching at the community or 4-year college level, or dual-credit courses for high school students. Students who are interested in learning more about this degree are encouraged to speak with a graduate admissions advisor for additional information. grad tuition+fees), Out-of-state: $20,419 (avg. All three of these share the same group of “Mathematics for K-12 teachers” course choices totaling nine credits, as well as concentration specific course choices totaling 12 credits. Applicants need to have a teaching license in “elementary, middle school, or special education,” and one or more years experience. Step 2: Filter out non-U.S. listings such as for protectorates including Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. This is a program that has low residency requirements; students must visit the campus once to sit for their exit exams. All sessions run for 16 weeks, making it possible for students who take on a full course load to graduate within two years. The MAME is designed for licensed teachers and has three tracks: K–6; Middle Grades (5-9); Secondary (5-12). Its blended Master of Arts in Mathematics (MAM) is a 36-credit, non-thesis program designed for teachers of secondary-school-level mathematics planning to teach dual-credit math or seek a career role as a curriculum specialist. It is designed for individuals seeking careers in one of several teaching areas, including: advanced math in high school (grades 9-12), including dual-credit/College Credit Plus courses; community college or university level math/statistics. Courses are offered entirely online through the school’s virtual portal. The field also has various applications, some of which professionals may work in. Sample courses include: Algebraic Thinking and Number Sense in the Middle Grades; Language of Mathematics for Teachers; Learning Theories in Mathematics for Teachers; Curriculum Design. Website Montana State University (MSU, est. Note that courses in Fall and Spring semesters are delivered online through Blackboard eLearning. Graduates of the program can teach at the community college level, or pursue other math-related career opportunities, as well as advanced studies (doctorate). From nature to engineering, infrastructure to the economy, numbers have always informed the way the world works. In first place, is the most affordable school, with a tuition rate of . Website Texas A and M University-College Station (TAMU, est. The program is for teaching at any grade level, but has focus areas for elementary or secondary education. It combines math and education courses, and is designed for licensed teachers who seek to teach high school math or statistics, including AP calculus and statistics.