Service to Mainland UK below; PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A MINIMUM ORDER OF £10 THRESHOLD excl. One of the most commonly used cleaning solutions is PBW by Five Star. For purchase of L30 (old S30) gas cannisters and 6.35kg CO2 or N20 floor standing gas cylinders - please buy online and collect during the Click and Collect slots - we cannot send these by courier. To make bigger batches or have more control and options, you will need some additional cider making equipment. I have used both with success. Although most cider making equipment can be cleaned with standard cleaning supplies, it can be hard to clean the inside of items like carboys and airlocks (common areas to get gunk build-up) without additional equipment. 63 Reviews. The Supplies. For someone looking to make a decent size batch and have more control over their homemade cider, they need to start with the right equipment. For larger batches, you can also use a 6.5-gallon plastic fermenting bucket (with lid), or a growler (2 quart glass container available at many breweries or restaurants) for smaller batches. An acid measuring kit determines the amount of titratable acidity (TA) in the cider. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Be sure to get a larger, flexible brush to clean the carboy (especially around the neck area) and some smaller ones to reach inside an airlock. The best part is, it doesn’t cost much more than some of the basic cider starter kits. Please refer to our "A Basic Overview of Making Hard Cider from Juice" document for basic and advanced cider making techniques. With many store-bought juices and single-variety ciders not having enough acids, it’s important to know the specific beginning levels prior to adjusting with acids and tannin. The fermenting equipment in this cider making kit can also be used to brew any 23 L wine, beer, mead or cider kit or recipe and as this is the standard size for all home brew kits and recipes you can get use of your equipment all year round. Beginner Brewer’s Best House Select Raspberry Lime Cider Kit – Hard Cider Making Kit. They come in different sizes. The following is a comprehensive list of the hard cider equipment. The 2 standard types are: Experienced cidermakers and brewers have their opinions as to which method is best. In general, a #6 will fit a growler or 1-gallon carboy and a #6.5 will fit larger carboys (5, 6, and 6.5 gallon). The fermenting vessels are sufficiently sized to brew up to 23 Litres of cider at a time, and the press can process 4.5 Litres of apples at a time, making this the most requested size kit for people who have a good supply of apples and want the equipment to make their own cider or perry. It is very important for a homebrewer to know how much sugar is in the cider at different times in the brewing process. Click and Collect: Shop online and have your order picked and ready for collection from our Edinburgh shop. If you are interested in using standard bottles and a pry off cap, select a more advanced experience level to see the equipment needed. Sparkling, still, sweet, dry, strong, or mild - make it how you like it! pH strips tell you the acidity level in general, the TA tells you what kind of acid it is. Our Hard Cider Kit comes with all of the supplies you need to make THREE 1-gallon batches of dry sparkling cider at home: Glass Carboy Funnel Racking Cane Rubber Stopper Transfer tubing Tubing clamp Airlock A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Your own Hard Cider Hard Cider Recipe (Enough for 3 batches) Sanitizer *Cider not included. Mangrove Jacks Brewers Series Beer & Cider Kits, Solomon Grundy Country 6 bottle wine kits, Distillers Yeasts, Finings, Carbon & Enzymes for fermentation, The Grainfather & Accessories & Spare Parts, Shop Collection Only items - click and collect, Gone With The Wheat Gluten Free Beer Kits, California Connoisseur Wine Kits 30 bottle, California Connoisseur Wine Kits 6 bottle, Still Spirits Whisky Profile Kit and Additives, All UK Mainland inc. Highlands & Isle of Skye, 30 litre fermenting bucket for collecting apple juice and racking, 23 litre carboy with bung and airlock for fermenting, Testing equipment - hydrometer, thermometer, pH test strips, Cider Brewing Instruction and Recipe Book, Selection of cider yeasts and additives for preparing your fruit, adjusting and stabilising your cider such as campden tablets, pectolase, precipitated chalk.