It was widely used in the 19th and early 20th centuries but is now seldom used in the mechanical trades, having been mostly replaced by the newer style of shifting (adjustable) spanner/wrench. This type of adjustable wrench is typically used in large-scale projects. 1 0. Monkey slagmoersleutels werden vaak gebruikt voor huishoudelijke taken, zoals het loskomen en aanscherping van de grote sanitair bouten. Whereas in case of an open-ended wrench, it grips around the fastener or bolt at two distinct points. It is distinguished by a long handle and jagged jaw grips that stay firmly affixed to all kinds of pipes, boxes, or other objects. They are ideal for heavy-duty jobs. Both of these wrenches come with the solid steel handle which is fitted with another head on opposite head. The two of the most common conventional wrenches are the box-end wrenches and the open-end wrench. At the end of the handle are jaws, one of which is fixed and the other of which moves when you turn the worm gear (or slide adjuster) right below it. Monkey Wrench vs. A crescent wrench is usually made of steel and has a relatively flat handle that's a number of inches long. With one of these in your toolbox, you can work around all sorts of different nut sizes without needing to switch tools. In North American English, wrench is the standard term. Pipe Wrench. Two common types of wrenches are monkey wrenches and pipe wrenches. Innovations on the regular wrench have led to the creation of different types of wrenches. The jaws are smooth and it has heavyweight as compared to previous types. I have a 6", 8" 10" and 12" Crescent. Antique STILLSON No.14 Adjustable Pipe Wrench, Steel The Tool Works, Erie, PA. $10.00 + shipping . Unlike the crescent model, the jaws in a monkey wrench are perpendicular to the handle of the wrench. Monkey Wrench is another common US name for a wrench stilled after the ones made by Crescent Company and called a Crescent Wrench (Adjustable Wrench). The latest models come with adjustable jaws. 1 decade ago. There are more than 10 w the placement of the jaws. The instrument is made from steel or steel alloys through heat-forging, which accounts for its remarkable strength. At first glance, they may not … Crescent makes/made many open end and box wrench's also but, when ever a reference was made to a "Crescent" wrench - it was the adjustable one with the worm dial, thumb adjuster, just below the fixed and movable jaws. Monkey Wrench. The monkey wrench resembles with the adjustable or crescent wrench but they differ in a single aspect i.e. A crescent wrench looks a lot like a monkey wrench; in fact, most of the simple adjustable wrenches you know look like crescent wrenches. Michael . A box-end works more a socket and fits completely around the fastener or bolts. Source(s): PLEASE Let us know what she refers to as the difference. The monkey wrench is a type of adjustable wrench, a 19th century American refinement of 18th-century English coach wrenches.