I..uhh kinda feel bad. His cuts are so precise that he managed to stab someone at 16 different spots without killing him. Yea 3 times. Well, time's ticking Slade, be ready. While he would feel much more hurt being shot, He can still stand and fight if it didn't hit anything important. Captain America: Never underestimate your enemy. Wiz: Kane was so impressed that they ended up marrying each other in such a short time. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win...a Death Battle. The Canadian Lad 722,605 views. Two super soldiers. WHICH WEAKLING-TURNED WARRIOR IS THE WEAKLING? Posted by 4 hours ago. no comments yet. R2: standard load out. i thank ultimate captain america can take em. Black Widow: What did you do to Steve? Cap in MCU is not peak human 2. Slade continued with a jab, a knee, an elbow, and a headbutt to knock Steve off his feet. Steve kicked the Grenade away from sight as quickly as he could. I could also get scans of the fihgt M'baku won if you are intrested. Technically, anything Deathstroke does should be in slow motion or just as a statue. Been shot in the arm 7 times and was unharmed. Wait up! 0 … MCU VS CWVerse. WHAT DID YOU DO?! Steve took cover behind a wall and started waiting. And in one panel, Slade did a takedown on him without breaking a sweat. Steve's enhanced strength caused the concrete to break into pieces. Not only is that 7 times more than the amount of force needed to break the rib cage, but Slade also took it like it was nothing, due to his awesome armor and healing factor. Steve then kicked him once in the leg, causing Slade to lose balance, and continued with a flip kick, which sends Slade away, hitting a nearby concrete wall. are their origins the same? Captain America throws the shield again, but Deathstroke catches it this time and throws it high into the air. Cap even said it himself that he can see things slower. Deathstroke: You're tougher than you look. Deathstroke has never had a prob with batman and batman's only ever ended up on the floor when he goes up against DS!". Not only that Slade is equipped with a brand new Healing Factor! Deathstroke: Don't try....I'm already gone. ((( MY BAD))) Captain America (Ultimate), Joseph Harvey Rogers (father, deceased), Sarah Alicia Rogers (mother, deceased), Douglas Lincoln Rogers (brother, deceased), unnamed nephew (deceased), unnamed niece, unnamed nephew-in-law. Cap. No research! Black Widow: You've never been one to follow orders... Captain America: come on! Deathstroke bets Captain america. Don't worry, the money's waiting. He then stabs Captain America in the stomach with his … Boomstick: Want more? Boomstick: In long-range combat, Steve only has his shield going for him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Everybody who says Slade wins without effort really needs to read some comics sometime. i'm not sure he's better than regular cap, but gambler just listed all the reasons i think slade would win. He's not Thor or Spiderman, but he's not Batman, either. Steve's body fell, eyes still wide open. Wiz: Wow, I've never seen you this smart before. Ultimate capt will tilt the win to capt for the win in a very tough battle. Even Batman admits that your moves can't be … It features Captain America from Marvel Comics and Deathstroke from DC Comics. Battle. He heals faster, more agile and has much quicker reflexes. Not to mention Bruce's skill gap highly overweighs Cap's slight physical advantage. Steve gasped in shock and covers himself with his shield. Wiz: When you look at the stats, You might think that Deathstroke is winning this by a landslide. Either way Bat had the advantage there. Deathstroke then gets an idea. ))), (((Steve awoke in a S.H.I.E.L.D facility, and was soon appointed leader of Ultimates, America’s new superhuman strike force. That advantage would be his trump card. As an assassin, Slade needs to think on the spot. Since combat speed is mostly agility and reaction time within a fight, it places itself high in importance being useful for placing hits and outmaneuvering enemies. Cap's speed isn't anything enhanced either, he couldn't tag daredevil (a peak human) who was just toying around with him even when his radar was also messed up. Batman always goes hand to hand with deathstroke, Steve is going to be using a shield which also gives him a solid defence against Slades weapons. The question is, where do I volunteer? A year later, he led an assault on an Icelandic base where the Nazis were launching a prototype nuclear bomb at the White House. R1: hand to hand combat only. One villain, one hero. Gimme a break now. Since most highways there has a speed limit of 100 km/h, we can assume the cars were going around 85-90 kilometers per hour. Cap is, and i say he is physically superior to DS. Superior skills. I'm leaning more towards Ultimate Captain America. If his thinking is clouded with overconfidence, he might not think as clearly. In this case, the perfect assassin. Boomstick: Woah, that's pretty impressive. 1-2 tons in strength. He stood up, hurt but better. Unlike a comic, we can easily see what's happening. Show me what you got... Steve would not leave empty-handed. You should've learned that in the military.