It got me to wondering about the hundreds of rounds I've bought in the past. ➤ The genuine piece is 40mm in diameter and weighs 31.103 grams; the fake piece is slightly smaller in diameter but weighs 31.184 grams. The inside top of the G in the inscription ENGELHARD is notched on the genuine piece; the G is rounded out on the fake. There's no eBay feedback system in the PAW. If not, why does it say "COPY"? Disclaimer: While a tremendous amount of effort goes into ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in this site, Coin Community assumes no liability for errors. ➤ The genuine piece has a higher, pure ring when tapped with a hard object while perched on the end of one’s fingers, while the fake round has a duller sound. Nice cataloguing HappyHippo. * Usually, only "Classic Design" silver rounds carry the name of a nation. Power said approximately 1 million Sunshine Mint bullion pieces containing the security devices have been introduced into the market over the past six months. Very odd! It looked completely real except for the chip near the edge exposing the non-silver content inside. This was on a much larger scale than Ebay. The Feb. 18 Coin World reported the appearance of counterfeit 2011 American Eagle silver bullion coins in Toronto. Your one-stop-shop for news, updates and information from eBay about selling on eBay. Regardless of design, many purported silver pieces that have duped collectors and dealers alike have been found to contain no silver at all. Get professional authentication and verified returns. The pic of the coin on the auction page clearly read "fine brass" yet it was being advertised as gold. The latest report is from Cincinnati, of fake 1-ounce Chinese Panda bullion coins. A spokesman for the Denton Police Department told Coin World Feb. 12 that Pettit is alleged to have passed fake American Prospector rounds at several local pawn shops and jewelry stores. A genuine 2013 Panda silver bullion coin emits a high-pitched ring when tested. Depending on the year of issue and the design, which details are frosted and which are mirrored like Proof varies. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Pettit is alleged to have passed fake rounds five times at one pawn shop by pawning the items for cash, then not returning to pick up the merchandise, according to the police department spokesman. Timely, important seller and buyer updates, Episode 118 || Holiday Hustle Month: Return Strategies, Announcing “Up & Running Grants” to Set Sellers Up for Success in 2021, Get up to date eBay news on your phone with our new text alerts. See picture 3: However, the (6) on the bottom row vary wildly in thickness and finish. No court dates to answer any of the eight charges had been set as of Feb. 13. Edit: Tested all suspicious coins; all seem to pass except for one. This resource is intended to help dealers and stackers learn about counterfeits, evaluate existing inventory and collections, and make educated decisions about future purchases. I have seen several up for auction so I felt okay about it. Many of the fake Sunshine products appearing on the market bearing older designs have been found to be struck in either solely base metals or base metals plated with a thin coating of precious metal. Thanks for sharing! Purchase wholesale lots - everything from clothing to, Get a weekly download of everything you need to know to start, run, and, Make sure you're fully prepared to tackle the holiday. In addition to acid tests, one can also check specifications for weight and diameter, and conduct a ring test against a genuine piece. Later, after the seller had left the store, an acid test was conducted, determining the pieces in the lot were counterfeit, according to Coins+. The genuine example was supplied to Coin World by Dillon Gage, a worldwide bullion firm based in Dallas. Here's a video about generic type silver rounds being counterfeited. I did not buy it for anything more than the silver value so there were no expectations of it being a valuable minted coin/currency. Genuine silver coins will have When I received it, I saw that it has "Copy# CGO393 below the Indian head. The weight and fineness are also stamped incuse on the obverse. Golden State Mint’s Buffalo Collection contains a variety of rounds that depict some of the most iconic images found on coins. Dave DiBartolomeo (eBay Seller - selecttech), Omar Elitreby (BULQ) Alexis Gallivan (eBay Staff), Liz Austin (eBay Staff) Counterfeit American Prospector silver rounds have been in the market for a number of years, but began appearing in larger numbers in 2012. Friday – Saturday: By Appointment, 2022 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. If they are not affordable, at least I'd like to be aware of them. Originally made famous from James Earle Fraser’s classic design, Golden State Mint’s Buffalo … How … It looked really good almost like a silver proof coin, really nice and shiny. bart712 your 1 oz Buffalo silver round looks good. Many silver bullion coins and rounds bear vertical edge reeding. Ste. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. See picture 2: (7) of them (top row) are perfectly fine - cleanly stamped, the treads on the coin rims are clear, consistent thickness / dimensions, no problems / visual oddities.