Like I said, this is all based on what I saw on the show and my observations and reactions about them all. ), I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! For Han-san, he already had both. They are so at ease with each other. 7 because he was the cutest guy for me when he entered the house. And all that crying, that was more funny than annoying to me. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just like what I did with the Boys & Girls in the City, Yuya Shibusawa's Wiki Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Family, Dating. Everything about him seemed fake. I didn’t really understand why she was all over Yuya and Avian’s relationship so much. But we didn’t need a “Nice Guy” on Terrace House. That's what turned her on. I would put him in the top 3. I loved her relationship with Guy from the beginning, how they were super comfortable with each other and how naturally things just went on from there. 3. I hope this love is worth dying for her as well. I’ve never seen such vile attitude in all of my reality show watching (in my defense, I don’t watch a lot). But nope, his music sucks, and I feel like he’s doing music for not so great reasons (e.g. BUT THEN BAM! I almost expected her head to spin 360 when she told Taishi not to speak to her. 3. His instagram song is lame but guess what, the hook is still in your head. I wouldn’t judge Wez to be self-centered either, I did not hear him voice his opinion to the point where it could be determined that he was self-centered – like Cheri. Ahead of Wez at least. It premiered on Netflix as a Netflix Original on November 1, 2016 and ended on August 29, 2017. Let me repeat that I just finished ep. I’m glad she and Yuya got together because Yuya makes her happy and that she’s able to “tame” Yuya as well and lead him to maturity. Going to spend the next few months roaming the reddit forums with you guys haha! Hayato (Boys and Girls in the City) Hayato is [spoiler alert] a huge creep. Real Housewives: Which Villain Are You, Based On Your MBTI®? I agree with ALMOST all of your rankings, except for just a few! He was like a cross between Hansan and Byrnes in the problem solving aspect, that you could get such great input from him as well as hard-hitting advice for self improvement. He only dated Niki, and he got Niki. He’s not perfect but has some great qualities. I’m surprised by how much I agree with this ranking, and how swayed I am by the descriptions for the placements that I (mildly) disagreed with! Worst character on all the Terrace House seasons. That’s putting his talent aside because he’s got lots of it, blessed to posses the gift of music. His surfing accident was so difficult to watch because it could have ruined his career, worse, his life. He doesn't "fit the script" and doesn't believe in pretense like Taishi. Most of the drama and interesting interactions come from him. During her second rodeo, she managed to find love once again with Noah, and the couple is still dating today. There were updates wherein the places in their Instagram stories were the same. Here's the update you need on all 19 cast members of Terrace House: Opening New Doors, including all the Instagram info on Yui, Maya, Masao, Aio, Noah, Risako and more. -Starting lineup was fairly unappealing to me …with the exception of Avian! It was also kind of a shame that she let her Yuya heartbreak dictate her exit of the house because it would have been interesting to potentially watch her grow as opposed to letting one or a few issues faze her then leaving because of it. During her stay I felt like she let the girls overpower her but in her defense, she sees herself as totally Japanese with very minimal Western upbringing except her bloodline so she had a bit of a hard time mixing in the Westernized Lauren and Avian. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s It amazing someone can make a career out of passion. She’s not human. Real emotions. Guy was the coolest out of all the members. Anna was one of the silent slash sly bitches in the house. Their final scene felt like the best and happiest ending, full of potential beyond the show, for anyone in the Aloha State arc, even if they weren’t an actual couple at the end Anyway, well done and thank you for sharing! I AM SO PUMPED AND LEGIT A SINGLE TEAR ACTUALLY FELL FROM MY EYE CUZ I WAS SO SHOCKED/HAPPY/OVERJOYED! He's weird, uninhibited, and cool with who he is. While Boys & Girls in the City was difficult because it was hard to choose which one I liked best, my challenge for this one was nominating the ones I hated less. Yuudai makes it onto the worst section because of his lack of trying to work hard, even when others in the house gave him ample advice and help. Everything else though, spot on! She was just a mess overall and it didn’t look great. Avian Koo / 1990 / Sales Clerk & Entrepreneur. Unlike B&GITC which was a whole marathon, Aloha State was released in parts. She was also very family oriented which I appreciated. Somebody on Reddit fired back at me with the whole double standards talk but NOPE, unless you’ve watched the last few episodes you will know and you will see for yourself the kind of person she is, having such awful attitude. The show is unscripted and there are no written rules – they just need to stay together. If the show took place in Japan, some of these guys like Niki, Guy, Lauren, Mila would allow more to happen. But that last clip in the finale? There might have been not that much romance in the first couple of episodes, but I liked the way how the members developped their freindship. I love this show. Being totally reckless and always intoxicated around housemates? Most come onto the show to find true love or career fulfillment. Also was disappointed that Wez and Mariko failed to stand up to her or even had remotely any logic to be slightly annoyed by her vileness and immaturity. He didn’t bestow himself and be like someone else, or work too hard and he got Niki. I also thought he was loads more interesting in Part 4 than he ever was during his stay in the house. Well, rumor has it that Mila left abruptly because of underage drinking. He seems to smile all the time even with little things. World of Warcraft Legion Michan X Cochan Marathon 2017 ! Say what you want about them but I feel like they balance each other out. He hasn’t found the perfect girl. 11th place is all cuteness, and disappointment that she left the show so early and so abruptly which was for sure largely a part of editing and producers’ discretions. Cheri Lavoie / 1993 / Real Estate Agent & Beauty Queen.