Carbohydrate 67.2g You’ll probably end up with a little extra custard at the end, but don’t throw it away. Mini fruit tarts filled with a brown sugar and cream cheese fruit dip and decorated with juicy, colorful fruit in a festive star pattern, because somehow mini fruit tarts taste better with fruit shaped like a pretty star. Subscribe to my newsletter! This recipe was originally posted April 8, 2015, we’ve tweaked it a bit since then. I recently added the 3 step process with additional information to share this recipe with you once again by republishing on May 25, 2019. Chill in the fridge until cold. You want to microwave this mixture for about ten seconds and then stir together. First time making a short bread like that, and a custard and it worked out fantastic – thank you! Read my disclosure policy here. Thanks again for such easy step by step recipe. It turned out great. However, here is a link that I believe is the same. You can keep the shells and fillings in the fridge before assembly. While your tart shells are chilling in the freezer, you can make the custard. Those tartlets I made for my mother in law surprise birthday party. Prick the bases and chill for 15 minutes. Required fields are marked *. I get it. Your custard is done when the consistency is similar to a thick pudding. Move the custard mixture into a saucepan over medium heat and constantly whisk for about one to two minutes or until it begins to thicken. Yes, I'd like to get updates by e-mail from Hungry Huy! Then refrigerate for 1 hour. Just don’t fill them or put fresh berries too far in advance. Thanks for sharing. I used my Smart Stick, but a hand or stand mixer works just as well. You still have to shower, dress, and shove all the dirty dishes in the oven, but hear me out…, How to Decorate Mini Fruit Tarts Like a Boss, Decorating mini fruit tarts is as easy as falling off a log. It's EASY to decorate your dessert table with MINI FRUIT TARTS. Meanwhile, prepare the pastry cream by whisking the 4 egg yolks with the sugar until pale and thick. My favorite ripe fruits to pick are strawberries, blackberries, and kiwis! Sift together the flour and cornstarch. Strain the milk and egg mixture back into the sauce pan to get rid of any clumps. I'm here to help, so leave a comment with any questions! What beautiful berry topped mini desserts! Read my disclosure policy here. I like to adjust the texture and amp up the flavor by making it a bit lighter by adding whipped cream. Bake these for 12-15 minutes. ~Marion. Chill 30 minutes to an hour before serving. Another way to prevent the centers from rising in the oven is blind baking. Now I have a plan... Graham crackers, sugar, & butter for a crust, Cream cheese, brown sugar, & vanilla to make my favorite fruit dip, Fresh strawberries & blueberries to top it all off. While both tarts and pies can have sweet or savory fillings, they differ in their crust. I like strawberries, blackberries, and kiwi. This process should take no more than a few minutes. I made a few batches of Mini Fruit Tarts to layer on dessert stands and they were the first thing to go. Join the club to get FREE recipes delivered to your inbox! Learn how your comment data is processed. But they were so good, it didn’t have time to get too soft. Rifling through my pantry, I could feel the minutes on the clock ticking away when I spotted the graham crackers! Once your custard is finished, place it to cool in a glass container on the counter and then fridge until assembly so it’s nice and thick. Remove the mixing bowl from the stand mixer and use your hand to form the sand into a ball of dough. Just make sure to slice the larger fruit into smaller pieces for easier assembly. You can make the the tart shell, custard, and glaze a day in advance. Cook for a further 2 minutes before removing from the heat and transferring to a piping bag with a straight nozzle. TIP: To prevent your tarts from getting soggy, brush on some glaze to the tart before adding the custard filling. I'm Huy! If you prefer one large tart, I have a delicious almond tart and raspberry tart recipe here as well! Made lots of recipes never failed. I bought my mini tartlet pan at Joann’s fabric store. If you press the centers and they feel soft or there is some flex when you hold them up, they need to be placed back in their molds to continue baking for a few more minutes (make sure to watch these as they finish cooking). Arrange your fruit on top however, you prefer. Remove the mixing bowl from the stand mixer and use your hands to form it into a ball of dough. Then sift the flour and cornstarch into this mixture and combine thoroughly. Once the dough is well combined, form it into a ball and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Strain the mixture to get a smooth texture and then brush the glaze on top of the fruit. Whew! All rights reserved. Tarts are made with delicate, shortbread-like shells that are baked ahead of time and then assembled with the desired fillings, like fresh fruit. I share Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, and many other tasty recipes. I know I lot of people brush a little bit of melted chocolate on the inside of custard tarts to prevent the tart from getting soft. Place the tartlets onto a baking sheet and bake for 13 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The beauty of tarts and mini tarts is that you can often prepare either of these items ahead of time, and this recipe is no different. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts! Btw, how many cups of flour are in 225 grams, your recipe stated 6 c? So happy they turned out well for you , Your email address will not be published. For my glaze, I use one part apricot (or other light-colored) jelly and one part water. The tart shells should be done baking once the edges begin to slightly brown. You don’t want to make scrambled eggs. Have you ever seen fruit tarts sold in stores and notice they have this beautiful clear sheen to them? Note:  You can make the tart shell, custard, and glaze a day in advance. (See image here for how the final consistency should look.). Gorgeous photos. Your email address will not be published. Take one shell tart and spoon in the whipped custard cream. Like this recipe? They taste best when served fresh. These fruit tarts also differ from egg tarts that are popular in Asian bakeries and dim sum restaurants because the egg tarts have a flakier crust. Snap a photo of it and tag me on Instagram. About 30 minutes to an hour. I was looking for this kind of recipe for a long time, never liked the ones with jam. Using a cookie scoop, place a dollop of the custard into each tartlets shell. If you continue to use this site, we’ll assume that you’re happy to receive all cookies. Arrange the berries onto the custard filled tartlets however you desire and brush with the glaze using a pastry brush. YUM!! Take your tarts straight from the freezer to the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes. Copyright © 2020 Hungry Huy. I would suggest constantly whisking and moving your pan away from the stove if you think it’s heating up too fast. Set it aside and let it cool down to room temperature. If it forms a dough, then it’s ready. TIP: At around 8 minutes, check on your tarts to see if their centers are rising. I love using fresh berries when in season to create light but rich desserts like my homemade shortbread mini fruit tart recipe. It was a scorching hot day, I was short on time, and just the thought of turning on the oven felt like trying to eat soup out of a spaghetti strainer, but I had forgotten to make a dessert for the party, so now what?! The finished shells should be slightly hard to the touch.