You can buy it at estate sales or used and it is just as good as the day it was built. hehehe Really, Houzz is mostly lots of fun and great ideas so don't be discouraged. Just after ideas for how it could work in a living room. If not long enough, you still can add pillows in the corners. We bought one for our beach house and put it in the living room nook. Keep your dresser and add more temporary storage like stacking units and use that vertical space next to the closet! The pillows will correct this so that people sitting on the daybed can place their feet on the floor. Here in the UK you cannot return anything once you have started to assemble it. Because this daybed is a double bed, its sitting area is deeper than a typical daybed or couch. If you must change it and try to turn it into a sofa I would suggest getting some large rectangles of firm foam. Hand me down is fine. Turning sons bedroom into a guest room and retreat, Need help turning a NY music room/office into a nursery/office, I can't help commenting since I just joined Houzz and this is the very first thread I read....yikes, I am not sure what to think now. A tall headboard and foot board do not look as much like the arms of a couch. A double bed with a low headboard and foot board works best because it functions visually as either a bed or a couch. However, some adjustments are necessary so that the double bed will still function as a couch. Many living spaces encourage the use of a daybed instead of a couch, particularly studio apartments and family room spaces that double as guest rooms. Pretty good deal I'd say, for a small monetary cost. I used to have it in the nursery when the children were little so that I could feed them in the middle of the night. BUT take the throw off the back of it and drape in over the side away from the window are not old enough for THAT look!!! Intersperse some pics there, too, and maybe a few toys that belonged to your kids.......which reminds the art work!!!! Layer assorted pillows on the bed. This is not the kind of piece that belongs in a living room IMO. Next step, make a sturdier box to put in it to sit on. However, some adjustments are necessary so that the double bed will still function as a couch. Get only those things that you have to have for your home to function. They will reinforce the bed frame and provide a place to put reading lamps and decorative knick-knacks. We would like to know if you were able to return that bed? I made a rough drawing of what you could do. Transforming a bed into a sofa gives you a comfy place to lounge that is versatile as well. SF5413 Yes,you can return it even if it is already assembled. Hi Karen, when people see this posting is from 2013, your question may not get very many replies. If you dont' see what you like, you can always buy the shapes and fabric and have covered by a seamstress. Whether you want to plant flowers or climbing veggies, an old bed frame gives you exactly what you need to allow those plants to grow, and this project is so simple to put together. It was a simple/functional way for us to make something that works in our front room which currently serves as an office, playroom […] Great for reading, napping, and whatever. Grrrr. A dust ruffle, if you use one, should be straight rather than full of ruffles. (and no, this itemwill NOT be in a living room but an office/guest room and I expect those who use it in the daytime will be lounging on it horozontally more than sitting!). Put a nice cover over the mattresses. My advice. An inflatable mattress is compact and comfortable, and not very expensive. Haha, I think you may be right sondramartina.