BTW, if any Slovak-Americans read this, I’m wondering if you ate kapustnica for Xmas. […] households, and most families make their own using the brine method. Only pork. I just forget right now exactly what goes in it. On Twitter or Facebook? Here is my friend Nicole tasting (and testing) the soup.


You want it tart but not overly sour. You will get your private online COOKBOOK for free! My Ukrainian grandmother made hers differently from this recipe but, to answer your question, at the end what she added was NOT sour cream but rather what she called zaprashka which was onions cooked in butter for a long time over a very low flame; never browned.
In Slovakia, it used to be common to go mushroom picking in the fall and then dry the mushrooms for use in winter soups. For me the mushrooms have to be dried. I got a similar recipe to the one with barley. Hi DK, this recipe is from “Grandmother’s Recipes” (Recepty Starej Mamy). In his latest write up on “stuzkova”, he talks about kapustnica, and linked to this recipe. 1 big onion finely chopped

I used a liter jar of sauerkraut from Whole Foods in making this recipe. 8 (or more) Large Red Potatoes, In a large soup kettle (stockpot), cover the pork roast completely with water and boil until pork is well cooked. Does anyone have a recipe using smoked fish rather than pork? To that she added fresh mushrooms until the kettle was half full and covered with water. Are the apples and onion just used as seasoning for their added flavor, or do they somehow end up in a serving of soup (sliced/crushed)?

Many meat products were once smoked as the meat would then keep for a long time hanging up. My family never used to make them and I always thought of pirogis as mostly a Polish dish. Serve hot with optional sour cream for garnish. Mikulas party and had a bowl of your soup. Add after the soup has cooked for about 20 minutes. Glad you like the soup!

instant small barley to cok as Maybe in “about”, or asking Lubos for a link to your blog, but nothing to do with cooking. I continue to use salt cured and smoked meat also. if i only want to make this for 5-10 you have the size ingredients for that?? Cooking is also a great time to let your friends try your creation. It makes me miss her and my Deda. -ach in your own plate after Ours is meatless ,for our Christmas Eve meal, made with sour kraut + water, prunes, dried mushrooms , butter ,sour cream, thickened with flour & milk,s&p. I have been successful, sadly I’m the only memaber of my family who likes to eat it so I get to freeze it and have it several times throughout the year. Our soup consisted of ground dried brown mushrooms, onions, butter, sauerkraut and thickened with a flour paste at the end. There is a Polish sausage store in Rockville, MD, which supposedly sells the smoked, dried up and shriveled up Slovak sausage that should go in here. The only thing I didn’t see in your ingredients was some good hungarian sausage or smoked meat. By the way, I’ve been noticing the same thing about the diversity of Slovak cuisine. The the sapraska. I made them with my Baba when I was a young girl.

Sometimes you can find smoked Hungarian sausage that is very similar to what is used in Slovakia. on side to put as much as you However, I will definitely get a jar and bring it with me to the office tomorrow.
Dried mushrooms taste bit different from fresh ones, since the flavor is more concentrated. […] of the more complicated recipes on our site with a Czech translation that describes how to make a Slovak Sauerkraut soup (Kapustnica). maybe little dough balls? Cooking sauerkraut is a good way to introduce those who are nervous about eating such a ‘weird’ food and are unused to the sour taste of fermented vegetables. If you don’t find any in your grocery store, you can dehydrate mushrooms at home by leaving them uncovered on a paper towel for several days. best regards, Don’t mistake it […], Finnish treats – the favourite delicacies of a Finn abroad. I see that maybe 95% of the posts here mention dried mushrooms. (source: GARLIC SOUP. Hi folks, I updated this recipe. Sauerkraut – 0,5 kg Dick) It's a great medium weight all purpose chef's knife that will run you about $150.oo. It seems as though my picture comments have been removed. yo plate it it cooks instantly- BEAN SOUP. Connect with us. This version with meat in it would be more popular for New Years Eve dinner. 7. You should try it. Subscribe to the newsletter. Get full acces to our GOLD MEMBER functions. Its primary ingredient has been pickled into sauerkraut and, in some places, kapusta simply refers to this plain sauerkraut. Anyone out there have a recipe like that? We put the buchty & bobalky in boiling water to soften drain & serve with sauce of melted butter & honey & some poppy seed which is poured over the warm buchty. Meanwhile, soak mushrooms in water. Reply When the onions were ready she would sprinkle flour in to make a roux.

Before lunch, she came to add some vegetables that kept in the cellar, like carrots, potatoes, parsley root, and celery root. Even with dishes like pirogis.

Thanks! When a pig in Slovakia is butchered, some meat goes into the freezer but also much of it is made into various products that can be used right away: liver pate, rice and organ sausages, headcheese, etc. christlmas and mainly new years. You can try with vinegar but it would be different. Here’s the recipe that she used. Connect with us. Ahoj Lubos, Will be looking for recipes. She was a excellent cook and her pastries were the finest my taste buds ever had the privilege to enjoy. Slovak Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut Soup (kapusta Polievka): Years and years ago when I spent my first christmas with my girlfriends parents, (her father is hungarian, her mother is slovak, she herself was born in bratislava slovakia,) her dad made sauerkraut soup. My Slovak grandmother made sauerkraut soup and she added tomato juice about 2 large cans to make the liquid part. As any expat may know, there are and always will be some […], There are few celebrations that are as typically Swedish as a crayfish party. 4-6 klobasy. It was sour and she just called it Ukrainian cabbage soup. Turns out, I have plenty to learn as well!!