Better than Lotteria for sure. It used to be that every single time I wanted to process a transaction I had to enter my certificate password no fewer than three separate times, type in some randomly selected numbers from my bank-issued number card, and correctly respond to an automated verification phone call. ... chain. jump to content. r/poultry: This is a reddit for those who keep chickens and other types of poultry. I'd agree that it doesn't attract ambition, but passing the exams to get the job in the first place certainly requires a strong work ethic. i guess that is why it was 2 years ago. If you're ordering drinks or food periodically all day every day you're probably now their best customer, so there's a good chance they'll be very happy to have you there. Rest is fine i think. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. stick to those ones, all those other crazy ones are just too much. Especially if you use the phone apps for banking. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For the hospital itself, our total cost for the entire birth, which included substantial treatment for a long, difficult labor was well under 100k. (did I dream up a Robot Chicken sketch despite watching the show maybe once in my life before then?). in all official US military documents. r/BackYardChickens: Interesting stuff for the small flock community and the humane big flock community. Lotteria is gross. For some countries where a huge proportion of the population is concentrated in and around the capital, the centroid has to be very near there almost by definition. The next time I went there, they got the order right, but it took them so long to make my order (15 minutes every time) and I think they made the fries first. It's good!! But if you know that much Korean, you could probably just stick to Korean anyway. A private room in the hospital for two nights was an additional ~200k won. It was the worst thing ever.... food is fine, just go easy on the mayo, Mom. So i saw your comment when you first commented and didn’t think too much of your mayo comment. The clinic almost certainly won't allow you to take the baby out at all, and no visitors other than the father will be allowed in, so your moms will have to wait until you leave the clinic before they can have anything more than fleeting glimpses of the baby. I used to go to it in Busan.. the food overall was quite good but the sheer amount of mayo they would dump on the burgers was absolutely insane, to the point where they were nearly inedible sometimes. Yesterday i went to Moms touch for the first time in over a year and holy......i’ve never had something with so much mayo in it. Personally I would never even attempt to use my Korean bank account for non-Korean websites. A subreddit for news, culture, and life on the Korean Peninsula. Smokey Grill Tandoori Chicken #tandoorichicken nonveg sunday cooking smokey chickenbiryani. They were cold by the time I got home (it's like 5 minute walk or so). Just saying, mandu is not the most selling item there. my subreddits. not a bank/debit card), or I use my overseas accounts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I think "with prejudice" in a legal context means that appeals are not permitted or something similar. You should be eligible for benefits substantially in excess of this from the government. If 30 million people get the flu shot, statistically you would expect around 1000 of those people to die in the 24 hours after getting the vaccine, purely by chance. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yes. OK, this one freaked me out (CreditReddit user “Adacore”) scary story storytime #tandoorichicken chicken. jump to content. Definitely don't stay longer than two weeks - my wife was going stir crazy by the end of her time there. Still searching. If you decide to use one, make sure you choose a clinic that lets the father visit freely, and allows you and your wife to keep the baby with you as long as you like - some of them are pretty restrictive about visiting/access times. The difficulty is getting approved for one, as a foreigner. Mom's Touch is not fast food, it takes them like 10-20 minutes to make simple orders even when they're not busy. ... chain. Lotteria is a pretty low bar to start from. Similarly with her and your moms - there's no point having them stay until after she's home from the postnatal clinic. Korean credit cards, on the other hand, work seamlessly with international vendors. They're not widely used by Korean women. Note that the above assumes no Coronavirus related restrictions are in place. These days it's probably more common for the engagement to be implicitly accepted, and just have the formal introduction dinner. Go at your own risk. Almost all the comments so far seems to be misunderstanding your question and talking about payments on Korean websites. Often, the couple would have a fancy dinner with both sets of parents, and the dads would go drinking together afterwards to discuss the engagement. While your wife is in the clinic, there's a lot of support and activities, so there's no need for any family to be there full time - if you're getting paternity leave, try to delay that until after your wife and baby come home, which is when she'll really need the support. Robot Chicken was a Jeopardy question tonight. If nobody else would ever be wanting to use your table, the owner will probably be increasingly friendly to you, the longer you stay and more often you go. a small cafe with few table usually managed by owner alone + one or two people : bit asshole but if you keep ordering things and don't use 4-person table for your own it would be fine. Far better than lotteria. It's pretty high quality fast food. by u/TheScienceGiant, "Seth Green Talks ‘Crossing Swords’, R-Rated Stop Motion Animation And The Critical Need For Laughter" by u/jontech7, "Robot Chicken was a Jeopardy question tonight!" @myfoodumydhuttu. Yes" by u/ToqKaizogou, "The Live Action Version" by u/SWPrequelFan81566, "IT'S ALIVEEEEEEE!!!!" The post natal care clinic I was skeptical about too, but in hindsight I think it was the right decision for us. If they're military, I believe the US military standardized on the old naming conventions for Korean cities, so they still write "Pusan", "Taegu", "Chinhae", etc. Nice quality chicken and excellent fries!! Obviously a different level of prestige, but more than 40 Asian women have won majors on the women's circuit, and the majority of them were Korean. original sound - nimma manju. It's so much better now than it was 10 years ago, though. chicken legs, chicken, maple syrup, poultry seasoning, salt, lemon and 6 more Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings Crock-Pot Ladies cream of chicken soup, bisquick, milk, chicken broth, chicken … 30 million / ~100 year average lifespan = 300000 deaths per year, or ~1000 deaths per day. pick a neighborhood and there will be one serving up thick patties on soft buttery buns. Big fucking burgers. Very slow, for fast food, and wildly variable quality. It’s like... Lotteria without the... side effects. original sound - MrBallen. The ironic thing is that, as your comment implies, you get substantially better at phrasing things in English in a way Koreans can understand as your Korean ability improves. The second time when it took 15 minutes, I asked why it was taking 15 minutes for fast food and the staff just laughed. by u/Kencocoffee93, "In 2003, the United States Congress memorialized the terrible tragedy by establishing August 16th as Pluto Nash Day." Chris Griffin is my favorite Robot Chicken character. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Student asks to bring his grade up and the teacher says, "I'll give you the A if you give me the D. pause In the A."