She had never met her, and I don't think had ever even seen a picture, not that a 2-year-old could remember a picture. Then the second voice comes, and it's quieter, and it says, 'Shh, she'll hear you.'. Our house was under police watch. Their neighbor a few houses away had been given a key by the prior owners and installed surveillance equipment once he knew their schedule. Rising.

The 1 female friend I told called me a liar, kicked me out and hasn’t spoken to me since. Until one evening, I had put her to bed and as I was doing chores I walked by her room and heard her whispering.

I had a thousand crazy thoughts because none of this made any sense. If I'm going down, I'll go down disorienting them. There's nobody in there." She told me that when she lived in the German countryside for a year, there was a little section in the home that no one but her middle sister used, who was about 9 years old at the time. I didn't hear the birds and the squirrels anymore, I just heard something big moving through the woods. I knew she had a son who passed away of a tragic overdose but I was so young and never met him so I didn’t think about it. Mar 2, 2020, 10:56 pm* Internet Culture We grab our stuff and head out. Feeling her turn cold. The previous owner papered EVERY wall and CEILING!

I couldn't exactly define why I felt this way; I just found it eerie. I just said "hmm that sounds scary", not wanting to freak her out. I remember pulling my sweater over my legs to cover up. As told by Reddit user Heresyed: "One night, when I was maybe 10 or 12, I had trouble falling asleep. A shriek by me follows, and I’m taken to the hospital again and now find myself in Brazil with both thumbs in bandage, and a story no one at school ever believed happened. He was at least 6′ she was 5’3″ [but she] scared him enough with the fighting and screaming that he took off. I don't know how to explain it other than an unsettling, exposed feeling.

There was no chance they would make it out alive, even if we got to them. Turns out that someone had placed a mirror against that door and the eyeball we were seeing was our own reflection!”. ", As told by Reddit user FuzzyBanditz: "When I was a teenager, I used to babysit my cousin Alyssa. I walked through the door to the apartment and realized that nobody was home. But it has made me the man I am today. And I don't know how long I stood there waiting for them to get to me, but I was completely frozen. The coolest part? "I could hear what sounded like someone was right above me and If I leaned out, they could see me.

No message or anything. When the paramedics got to the scene, they assessed her brain damage and decided to let her die rather than try to resuscitate a brain-dead woman. So innocent. After that, my dad had no more visitors.”, What Happened: “My cousin and I were walking through the woods. Go now. I call my roommates later and ask them if they've ever experienced any weird stuff since we moved in. When I was little, maybe around 7 or so I had my first paranormal experience.

My sister was still pretty little and she slept in the same room as Rhonda because she was too scared to sleep alone and Rhonda was like a grandma to us who was more than happy to share her bed if we got scared. She said part of the reason they moved was because something felt "off" in the house. The only thing I could think was that the footsteps must have belonged to the voice. After a long day of playing, my sister and I were off to bed and Rhonda tucked me into my bed in her spare room downstairs.

'", As told by Reddit user Scarlett Beeswax: "I lived in this house with a basement, and every time I walked up the stairs I would get this weird, creepy goosebumps feeling on the back of my neck. In the background, I can hear both my sisters arguing. I thought, well, this is weird, it's late and no one's ever here. You could understand what they were saying but the voice wasn't right. I would search and search and one day I got frustrated and to no one, in particular, I said 'Arrrgh!! She doesn’t know who he is, just that he tagged her on Instagram with a picture of the tattoo. I pick them up and put them back, and leave the room. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. The 1 counselor I told screamed at me, called me a liar and kicked me out. Recommended picture: My husband just sent me this... it was taken on his way to work this morning.

Eventually, we started losing steam, so my friend in the back seat fell asleep and I just kept driving along quietly, when my friend in the passenger seat told me to exit the freeway to take a side road. The same exact thing happened to you 30 years ago.'". And every time after that, when something would disappear, I would politely ask for it back and it would appear in a place that I could not have missed it before! She nods her head with a scared look on her face. the body was quite slim and masculine and there was no features but I could tell it/they was looking at me and it wasn't completely still as if static or swaying, but not walking. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Two of the thread’s top comments were by redditors who had had someone die in their arms. I thought about pulling over to put the top up but decided against it since there were no cars in sight. From the way the apartment was set up, if you're sitting on the couch, to the left you can see all the way down the hallway and into my room mates room if they had their door open. I thought to myself maybe it's a dog. I wasn't scared, per se, just a little on edge. When the police investigated, they found a short-range transmitter connected to several cameras hidden throughout their home. In related news, r/aww saw its biggest-ever spike in traffic. Finally, I get to my car...and I see both the cars were parked in different places with nobody in them. Recommended story: Creepy guy at my dead neighbor's house. I don't care, I have my own problems. And I kept hearing them moving through the woods and I could tell they had split off. “It expertly toes the line … The gun was the final straw and I said I wouldn’t say anything.

card classic compact. Mom said one of my sisters would be staying as well. Flash forward and we find out one of my dad’s coworkers and a guy he brought home a few times (and someone that gave my mom the creeps) was convicted of murdering, cutting up and putting the body of a young girl in trash bags, and dumping her in a trash can a few miles from our house. And I then made an executive decision.

Everyone was fine except my mother who was thrown from the car. Fast forward into my teens, my mom and I were having a discussion about the paranormal because I had a lot of strange activity happening and she asked me what the first experience I remember is.

"When we went to check in to our rooms, as soon as I entered the hallway our rooms were in, I remember almost feeling as though I walked into a 'wall' of…bad energy? His wife left home to drop the baby off at daycare before work, but realized she had left her phone at home. I'm giving her a bath before bed when she looks out into the hallway and gets a terrified look on her face and starts crying. After a few minutes, the baby in an [inexplicably] eerie but incredible fashion leaned its head off of my knee in a way that, as crazy as it sounds, seemed almost knowingly polite and thankful, and threw up a mixture of blood and who knows what. Recommended story: The scariest thing that happened to me. And those are exactly the kind of creepy stories we found when scouring Reddit.

Reddit’s /r/nosleep community is known for crafting some of the most horrifying creepypasta — short, online works of horror posed as true stories. Then my friend up front told me to look at the street sign in the distance. “Either embarrassing or actually horrifying” shares were welcome. It was on a side road in a ditch. All the doors locked, all windows still intact. The nights are particularly scary considering there's very little see. It didn't make me uneasy to go down the stairs or to be in the basement. The only stipulation: The tale must be true. /r/CreepyEncounters is much like /r/LetsNotMeet — it's full of insanely creepy encounters that have actually happened to people. We've all heard all the classic ghost stories. I've always wanted to share this story but I was so shaken by it that everytime it pops in my head, my mind represses it instantly. This list features scary stories about hidden cameras and photo-loving stalkers. /r/TheChills features a ton of scary stories, all under 300 words. As defined on the subreddit's homepage, an urban myth "is something that has 'evidence', yet has never been unproven."