Long story made short, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. If potential bidders do contact you, be prepared to answer questions about the guitar. Don't just bolt shit together, slap on a layer of shitty paint, and send it out the door. Depending on the condition of the guitar or gear, Cream City Music will offer a fair price based on the estimated value in its current state and the amount of labor needed. But being in the custom guitar business consists of a lot more then re-branding guitar kits. Our expert buyers specialize in understanding the value of your used equipment and providing you with payment in hand the same day. We’ve had guitars from every era and add to our vintage collection daily. When you set up the ad for your guitar, you will have also set up a plan for payment with the auction website. No matter the brand or model, we would love to add your used guitar or equipment to our collection. The website you have chosen should have an easy system for uploading your ad. We pay up to $250,000 for single instruments or entire collections. We want to make selling your guitar as easy as possible, and are dedicated to providing the best possible service when it comes to your online transaction. Make sure you pack the guitar safely and securely to avoid damage during shipping. You're not doing anyone any favors by sending out poorly made garbage. Our standard bodies are made of 2 pieces of premium tone tapped wood, meticulously joined with special attention paid to grain matching. As it falls further down the list of ads, it is less likely to be seen by potential buyers. Press J to jump to the feed. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 4,676 times. In the past, most music stores only offered what i would consider pawn shop trade in prices. If you are looking to sell your gear, just let us know by filling out the form below! Are you a family member in charge of handling the musical estate of a loved one who has passed on? In order to provide an offer, our expert will combine their years of knowledge with some market research in order to identify the market value, all while considerationing the condition and wear of your instrument. No matter the make, model, or condition, we are interested in buying your used or vintage guitars and gear that you may be trying to sell. What is your cut? Be clear on what, if any, cost you will have to pay before deciding on a site to use. If one can of stain covers three guitars, then you figure in 1/3 the price of that can into every guitar it touches. We buy just about any kind of stringed instrument under the sun - guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles, lap & pedal steel guitars, and more. If you have a collection to sell, we are the professionals to contact. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. You're doing a job that others don't want to touch so they should be prepared to pay a fair, appropriate amount for it. Whether they’re one year old or twenty years old, we love buying individual guitars and other amazing gear. Be sure you have the payment in hand before sending off your guitar. If you don't get any interest on one site, you might have more luck on another. This article has been viewed 4,676 times. Give us a call toll free at 1-800-800-0087 or fill out our form below and we can help facilitate the safe shipment or pick up of your gear. I took a chance and called Cream City after seeing some B stock Gretsch's on their website. Repost the ad so that a whole new set of potential buyer will see it. Tools, paint, glue, whatever you're using. A kit guitar is not the same as a custom guitar. I called the company and they told me that records of custom built guitars from this time period are only recorded in Japan. If you want to be rid of the guitar, be open to bargaining with the potential buyer. Ok. First thing is, decide what your hourly labor rate is. I am STOKED with the Martin and beyond pleased with the way I was treated as a customer.” - Mike J. Check out a few of the common questions we get about selling used guitars. We could talk for days about our excellent customer service and highly talented staff, but we believe the most genuine promotion comes from our own customers. Learn how to level and crown frets. I'd like to sell them to make a small profit but mostly just so I can keep making them. Plus, selling another companies work as your own in the way you described is at best a legal gray area. Vintage guitars are Cream City Music’s speciality. Thanks for visiting. Whatever you charge, be worth every cent. Some classified ad websites are free, while others may charge you a fee. If you have tried and failed to figure it out, feel free to email their customer service agents to clarify what you don't understand. All I'm looking for now is advice on where/how to sell them. I would advertise them as custom and would never claim they were anything else. Thanks John. If you are unsure at all about the details on your guitar, be sure to mention this when describing it in your ad. People won't pay full price for a second hand guitar when they can buy one new for the same price. Your starting point to learn about selling on Reverb, including information on seller tools, shipping guides, and how-tos. Pedals are also easier to ship and require less maintenance than other types of guitar gear, which removes some of the liability and need for expertise when evaluating and selling your wares. Sorry I don't really know much about selling (obviously) I'll make a few to show/advertise/sell and then I would absolutely take custom orders if someone wanted it. % of people told us that this article helped them. Like I said though I'm not really trying to make much of a profit I really do just want to continue fueling my hobby, but raising the prices a little more probably wouldn't hurt. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion. If this system is available, be sure to use it for your own safety. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Be clear on the cost to you, whether it's a percentage of the sale or a flat fee, before deciding to use the service. The large sites, in particular, have perfected their systems so that almost anyone can easily follow their directions. You want your potential buyers to be able to ask you questions about the item and to see if it is still available. 12505 W BLUEMOUND RD, BROOKFIELD, WI 53005, Tues-Fri: 11a-7p CST, Sat & Sun: 10a-5p CST, Mon: Closed. The large sites, in particular, have perfected their systems so that almost anyone can easily follow their directions. Thing is, I'm gonna guess you aren't really a trained luthier, so let's just say $30 an hour for you at the moment. Just bring in your instrument or fill out the form below so we can identify a strong offer for your used gear. Then you gotta figure in your average cost of materials. It is not a good idea just guess about shipping costs. History-rich brands such as Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, and Ibanez pass through our doors everyday and are on display throughout our showroom. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Make sure you're up front in the ad about the cost and estimated timeline for shipping. If you are uncomfortable with having a stranger come to your home to look at you guitar, feel free to set a public place to meet. It's a good idea to post your guitar on a variety of classified ad websites. It was a custom build. But I'm more than confident in the future end product. Here's the thing, though: Don't confuse "affordable" guitar with "shitty" guitar. In some cases we can even provide you with the shipping materials you'll need to get your gear to our shop, along with a prepaid shipping label. It's best to be straight forward instead of having an awkward interaction when the potential buyer inspects your guitar. The pros charge a wide range, but $75 per hour for a trained luthier isn't unreasonable. Some classified ad websites include a reply system that keeps the sellers and buyers anonymous from each other initially. Not only did Ben offer me very close to what I was looking to sell them for locally, he even sent me the boxes to ship them.” - Freddy F. “[Cream City Music] couldn't have been more pleasant or efficient to deal with, got a beautiful vintage guitar for a great price, and was able to trade in a vintage guitar of mine for a fair price. Our team of experts also have deep knowledge of all manner of instrument amplification, effects, vintage synthesizers, and vintage drums. Cream City Music will provide the best offer no matter the size of your collection.