Deep, Capture smooth 4K video even while walking with newly supported "Active" mode image stabilisation. incandescent, XAVC S, JPEG, RAW, Simply tap the screen to initiate Real-time Tracking for either stills or movies. (A) Blackout-free Shooting  (B) Shooting with blackouts, [1]  90fps ( 0.011 sec. ) flash, Capture high-quality images with compensation for hand-held camera shake, even in dim lighting and at telephoto range. The resulting time-lapse images can be previewed on the camera or assembled into a movie on your PC. But its f/2.8-4.5 lens also has a full stop less-bright maximum aperture across the portion of the zoom range shared by both cameras, which will cause you to have to shoot at higher sensitivity or a lower shutter speed than you'd otherwise have needed with earlier models.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The Sony RX100 Mark VII is the latest in Sony’s venerable line of advanced point-and-shoot cameras. takes photos while movie recording, Sony NP-BX1 lithium ion - manufacturer-specific, 1 x Sony NP-BX1 Li-ion rechargeable battery (included), 10 frames per second, The 24-200mm zoom lens is complemented by 0.02-sec. "But wait," we hear you saying, "wasn't the RX100 VI capable of 24 frames per second with AF/AE?". PRINT Image Matching. Compare with similar items. And for even smoother, gimbal-like stabilisation, simple movie editing is available in the Imaging Edge™ Movie Edit add-on app. Sunset, ISO auto (100-12800), average, And just so the Full HD fans don't feel left out, there's the potential for improved stabilization there, too, thanks to the fact that gyro data is now recorded in the metadata of movies, allowing them to be further stabilized in post-processing using the Movie Edit addon for Sony's new Imagine Edge mobile app, which replaced the earlier Playmemories Camera Apps. silent shooting, [1] Without Optical SteadyShot™ ( Simulated )  [2] With Optical SteadyShot.

Power still comes from the same NP-BX1 as in every previous RX100-series camera to date, and the Micro-B USB port rather than a more modern USB-C port also mirrors the very first RX100 camera. program,

With a seven-frame buffer, that equates to a capture duration from start to finish of just around a quarter of a second of capture even at the slowest 30fps rate, and potentially as little as ~0.08 seconds at 90 fps! Creative Style and Picture Effect options let you make fine adjustments to capture distinctive images. Well, err... yes, that's true, but it wasn't capable of offering "real-time tracking" and eye autofocus (both human and animal), as does the Sony A9 and, now, the RX100 VII as well. discussed in detail in an article earlier this year. Real-time Tracking uses subject-recognition algorithms (AI) that draw on colour, pattern (brightness), subject distance (depth) and face/eye information to track your subjects wherever they move. ISO 64, The Imaging Edge Webcam application makes it easy to use your Sony camera as a high-quality webcam, with wide compatibility, for impressive live streaming and conferencing. digital image rotation, Active Steadyshot was previously possible only for Full HD video on the RX100 VI. The RX100 VII's base ISO has also changed. SDXC Memory Card, fluorescent light (cool white), New Touch Tracking for movies gives you fast, easy autofocus you can rely on, while Real-time Eye AF (human) ensures precise focus. To get the full experience on, please change your settings to allow JavaScript. Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image. 2.35 million dots for bright, detailed and high-contrast viewing. Basic Specifications ; Full model name: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII: Resolution: 20.10 Megapixels: Sensor size: 1 inch (13.2mm x 8.8mm) Lens: 8.00x zoom The camera supports internal 4K (QFHD:3840×2160) movie recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. List pricing is set at around US$1200. Real-time Eye AF is available for animals as well as people.

There are also plenty of improvements on the video front in the RX100 VII. T* coating,

Finally for the video changes, Sony has also added a new 3.5mm microphone jack, under a small rubber flap atop the right side of the camera body, and added support for shooting vertical videos, too.

CNET may get a commission from these offers. Superior Auto mode, Smile Shutter, AVCHD, daylight, NFC (Near Field Communication), remote control via mobile devices, Blackout-free Shooting lets you track your subject's movement without interruption on the camera's LCD display or viewfinder screen, with display updates performed at 60fps to minimise time lag. Find your nearest Sony store to view our latest products. Multi-Frame Noise Reduction, Sepia, Continuously shot images can be displayed in the groups in which they were shot, and groups can be deleted or protected with one operation. custom, fluorescent light (daylight), The Interval Shooting function performs continuous shooting with a set interval of 1 to 60 seconds with AE tracking. Should you find any errors, please help us by reporting it, Discuss: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII - digital camera - ZEISS. Posterization, micro-USB cable, Despite its compact size, the RX100 VII includes a microphone input. partial color, automatic, High ISO NR, The 24-200mm zoom lens is complemented by 0.02-sec. Well, with the RX100 VII, Sony is drawing its own comparison to an even higher-end model, and aiming to deliver "the speed of an A9 in your pocket. High contrast monochrome, SDHC Memory Card,

The downside is that you'll only manage this rate for just seven raw/JPEG frames, which are all captured with a single press of the shutter release button. fluorescent light (daylight white), Also, Active Steadyshot stabilization is now available for 4K video capture, pairing both optical and software image stabilization techniques with a slight crop for smoother handheld video, even while walking. Touch Focus, Touch Pad and Touch Shutter are also available.
The image-stabilisation algorithm delivers a level of stabilisation equivalent to a 4.0-stop faster shutter speed at 200mm. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII - digital camera - ZEISS | DSCRX100M7/B.

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Inside its compact body the RX100 VII is packed with everything it takes to deliver gorgeous images. Landscape, Vivid, It's even possible to focus on either the left or the right eye of your subject.